About Drug Testing

Niacin Drug Test Information

What is Niacin?

Niacin, or Vitamin B3, is natural vitamin that is used to treat and prevent a lack of natural niacin in the body while lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.  It occurs naturally in animals and plants, and is present in many vitamin and nutritional supplements. 

How does this help me pass a drug test?

Niacin opens up your capillaries for short periods of time, allowing your body to essentially “flush” away anything that’s in the blood stream. Essentially, this means that the fatty deposits that THC clings to are moving more quickly through your body, thus allowing for a quick means to flush them from your system.

Sounds like I found a miracle detox!

Using niacin to clean out your system does work, but proper care and dosage must be monitored in order to effectively use Niacin.  And please note that there is a lot of controversy on this subject.  Niacin has NOT been proven to be 100% effective.

Niacin usage

Niacin is generally used up to 24 hours before a drug test.  Within this 24 hours, you CAN NOT take anymore drugs, or you still risk failing.  If you seriously need help with this, I suggest clicking on the link below for the most effective addiction guide.


People can start further back for more comfortable dosages, or if your slightly overweight and carry more fat cells in your body.  The proper dosage before a drug test is 2500 mg, but most people choose to space this out over a few days to avoid the nasty side effects from taking such a large dose.  Take 500mg with 2 glasses of water every hour prior to the test (up to 2500mgs), or every day if spaced out.  This can be supplemented with other methods you are using to detoxify your system.

Niacin Side Effects

Niacin can have very uncomfortable side effects, and why most people wouldn’t recommend it.  These include itchy skin, sunburn like feeling, redness, swelling and burning sensations, which are all side effects of the Niacin Flushing; however, these effects can be lowered by using Flush Free Niacin Vitamins.  These effects are completely natural as well; your body’s way of telling you that the vitamin is working.  At drastically higher doses, Niacin can induce nausea, vomiting and sometimes death.

Is it worth it?

Some people believe that Niacin does nothing, while others believe they ingested drugs the day before, used a Niacin treatment and still passed their drug test.  If you can tolerate the side effects, and monitor your dosage so that you stay below 3000mg, then I recommend you use Niacin, in conjunction with other detoxification methods, to help you pass an upcoming drug test.  It’s very useful for keeping in your cabinet when your manager calls telling you that your drug test is scheduled for the next week, or even the next day.


Sounds expensive?

Not at all.   Niacin is cheap as well, so if you feel that this treatment option isn’t for you, then you’re only down $10.00.  Compared to the expense of other detox programs, this initial investment is well worth it.  I urge you to try Niacin and see what you think of this amazing product.  If you want to stay employed but regularly use drugs, Niacin is an easy method that permits this.